Language workshops: highly qualified native speakers

Translations are worked on exclusively by native speaker translators and proofreaders, who have a degree. The most modern technology connects translators, proofreaders, project managers and the customers through an intranet.

All-inclusive: our Full-Service-Translation service

Our comprehensive range of services not only includes professional translations, we also offer several services pre and post the actual translation process, such as layout, graphics, editing and proofreading.

Your vocabulary list is well organised

Company specific databases guarantee that the translator always uses the same correct terminology in the foreign language. The prerequisite for consistent corporate language is to first compile the company terminology, often in collaboration with your foreign subsidiaries.

Fast, reliable and confidential

Legal and confidential documents and certified translations are processed confidentially and quickly. A special team with legal background knowledge produces factual and succinctly formulated contracts, documents, deeds and other confidential texts in the desired target language.

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