22.05.2019 - The quality of all group companies certified

Ü-Werk GmbH, Wohanka, Obermaier & Kollegen GmbH and all affiliates in Germany and at the European sites offer the highest standards of quality pursuant to ISO 17100:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. All translation services and processes of all companies including those in Italy, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands are examined and certified each year in accordance with the regulations referred to above. The certificates mean that Ü-Werk and its affiliates offer the customer a high standard of quality pursuant to both norms and the utmost data security.

ISO 17100:2016 is an international quality standard for translation services and successor to the standard DIN EN 15038. The implementation of the requirements of the ISO standard is reviewed each year. A comprehensive certificate renewal with subsequent recertification is carried out after three years.

The international translation norm comprises requirements regarding the handling of translation processes, minimum qualification requirements, the availability and use of resources. An important component of the norm is the professional review and proofreading of the translation by a second native-language professional translator (a minimum of dual control).

ISO 9001:2015 is quality management’s most important standard. Compliance with the requirements of the quality management system prescribed in the standard is checked each year. The standard applies to process management for technical documentation, legal documents, technical translation in the financial and medical sectors, marketing content and corporate communication as well as software, multimedia and localisation. As a result of it, our processes and language services are significantly optimised.

15.03.2019 - Academic works for a good purpose

Professor acquires practical experience and donates her proceeds

The penetrability of university and business is of huge significance for the education system. This applies not only to the students, but also to professors. Because even professors can complete an internship in the free economy – and it is even funded by the universities.
An English professor, who is not unknown to the Group and who has already worked successfully with the Group on a language project in the past, spent a semester at our company. During her internship, she worked on numerous translation and proofreading projects – especially English-language projects – and thus obtained insights into newer working techniques and developments of the translation industry at the Geisenhausen location.

Our company donated the proceeds generated by the work of the professor to the Aktionskreis Ostafrika, which, in turn, uses these funds to finance a higher school education for girls from poor families in Tanzania.

We think the professor combined teaching and theory with practice in exemplary fashion – and all for a good purpose!

20.12.2018 - Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We thank you very much for your great cooperation this year and we look forward to 2019.

We hope you and your families have a very merry and relaxing Christmas and that you start the new year well and in good health!

Warm regards from Landshut, Geisenhausen, Leipzig, Verona, Utrecht, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Lyon and Mulhouse.

14.11.2018 - Back active - Don’t take it easy, get moving!

When your back hurts and your neck hurts every movement becomes absolute agony. What can you do? Preventative measures and proper management of back pain can certainly help reduce the severity and frequency of your back pain. Monday and Tuesday in Landshut and Geisenhausen were training days for our backs.
A trainer from the Barmer-Ersatzkasse put the employees into small groups of 3-4 for each relevant movement. The training took place in the social rooms, it was here that the employees tried the latest trend in professional sports - fascia training. This means rolling your arms, legs or back on a hard foam roller. This may hurt a bit at first but smooths hardened and knotted fascias. By exerting your own body weight evenly onto the foam roller you can slowly start to apply pressure to the tissue. This can soothe and loosen adhesions which are considered to be the cause of many complaints in the region of your back and shoulders.
The exercises were very well received and management hopes to see many “rolling” shoulders in the offices soon.

09.10.2018 - Trip to Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest in the state capital Munich.

Every year at the end of the summer season, as the days are getting shorter and shorter, it is time, in Munich at least, to party. The Munich Oktoberfest attracts over six million visitors from across the world in two weeks. During this time a kind of state of emergency prevails. Colleagues from the vicinity of Munich take the opportunity to visit the biggest folk festival in the world.
Tents, rides, shooting galleries and much more can be found on Theresienwiese in the middle of the city. A stay in a folk tent and a stroll between the stalls were a highlight of the trip. Of course, one (or two) cold beers or radlers were drunk and we ate well in true ‘Oktoberfest-style’.
We were ready for the can throw and the rollercoaster after chicken and a pretzel. We came back after the hustle and bustle of Oktoberfest feeling excited with stuffed plush animals and gingerbread hearts.
We are of course already planning the next Oktoberfest.

10.07.2018 - Company Run

For many years, the Leipzig Company Run has been one of the biggest and most popular races in the city. The weather was fantastic, the atmosphere was excellent, and the centre of Leipzig was full of people. An extremely high number of participants helped the Leipzig Company Run to a new record.
The run is a joint corporate event that inspires an excellent team spirit. Our runners are always highly motivated.
The Ü-Werk team were in the thick of things. The sportier employees and manager Florian Obermaier took a sporting tour through stretches of the city centre, packed with spectators. It was the perfect setting for our team. They all reached the finish line, tired but happy, and afterwards enjoyed a “cool blonde” drink together on this delightful and warm summer evening.

08.05.2018 - IT Team Training

Virtualization is the mapping of a hardware or software object by means of an abstraction layer. This permits the creation of virtual devices or services, such as emulated hardware, operating systems, data storage or network resources as well as many other functions. This also permits a transparent representation of the associated server resources.
Virtualization has a positive impact and represents the current state of technology. Three employees from our IT team attended a 4-day training session in Regensburg. The main topics of the session were functions, licencing and installation, network configuration, clusters and high-availability configurations, storage connections and storage virtualization.
The agenda also included such important topics as troubleshooting and analysis of performance issues. Finally, backup and replication features, installation, virtualization and many other topics were discussed.
We wish our IT team all the best for the implementation of what they have learned.

23.03.2018 - Interpreting services amongst books in Leipzig

Publishers and authors present their spring book releases every year at the Leipzig Book Fair. The visit of the Czech culture minister has called for the interpreting services of Ü-Werk GmbH. Our company and our well-versed and very experienced interpreter were very glad to take on the impressive task in front of a large audience at the popular Leipzig Book Fair. We are very pleased about the opportunity in such an incredibly buzzing atmosphere and under such challenging conditions.
Next year, the Leipzig Book Fair will present authors and publishers from the Czech Republic together with the Czech Ministry of Culture. A relevant agreement was signed in Prague for the country of focus at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2019. With its country of focus concept, the Leipzig Book Fair promotes interchange between authors and publishers from central, eastern and south-eastern Europe and their colleagues in German-speaking book markets. As part of this concept, authors and publishers from Lithuania were presented at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2017. This year, Romania was the country of focus for the spring book event.

14.03.2018 - We always welcome feedback. Of course, we love positive feedback the most. Here are a few comments that have really made us smile.

“Thanks a lot for the translations. We are happy to report back to you how your translations were received by our subsidiary companies.
Here’s what our Irish managing director had to say to your English translation: “It’s perfect –nicely worded and constructed –well done.” Please could you give us the translator’s name so that we can take a note of it and request them the next time? It’s rare to find such a good marketing translation.
Our Dutch colleagues also only had positive things to say…”

“…very quick responses. We are very satisfied.”

“…I was completely satisfied. Thanks a lot!”

“We look forward to a successful collaboration…”

22.12.2017 - Christmas campaign

At the end of the year, the management of the Ü-Werk group of companies donated a Christmas contribution to an aid project in Africa as in previous years. In addition to this the company sent the Ü-Werk calendar with the following message to many of their customers:

“People who have no other ideas at Christmas give knitted socks, spa vouchers or a calendar as a gift. A calendar may not be the most innovative present. But our company has a fantastic solution to the question of whether to choose nature, cats or dogs, well-known works of art or cityscapes: the image of our company logo. In the hope that your eyes glance at our company logo and associate it with professional translations, we wish you a reflective pre-Christmas period and look forward to working with you in the new year.”

We do not want to deprive you of a response:
“Dear Ü-Werk team, thank you for the calendar. We wanted to let you know that the attached letter caused us to remove the calendar already hanging in the boss’ office and replace it with yours. You really made us laugh.”
We are glad that our Christmas campaign has not only made a difference in Africa but here too, and wish all of our employees and customers a reflective holiday and all the best for the New Year.

06.10.2017 - Play Time in Autumn

When dusk sets in earlier and the leaves begin to change, playing season begins. In the age of the internet and social media, Ü-Werk GmbH has invented an online game. Employees, customers – everyone – can make a guess on Facebook about the number of nuts which fit into a Ü-Werk mug.
In this game, only the right answer counts. Up to three right answers will receive a prize. Ü-Werk GmbH is excited to see whether a winner can be found after the deadline has passed. If you are unlucky this time, the game will be repeated soon, again with an object which is filled and whose contents can be guessed.
Ü-Werk GmbH hopes for many successful participants.

18.08.2017 - “Save the bees and bumblebees” initiative

On March of every year, our Sales department sends flower seeds to our customers. This is not a mere marketing activity for our translation services, but our way of doing something good for the environment and for the inspects.
Every year, the response gets more and more positive. We regularly receive pictures of blooming flowers. The following is a message we recently received:
“Dear Ü-Werk team!
Your sowing initiative for the benefit of bee-friendly gardens has now reaped success in my garden. The delphinium has blossomed and is happily frequented by the bees and bumblebees.
I have attached a photo which I ask you to upload to Facebook since I do not have an account there myself.
Again, many thanks for the wonderful idea…”

We will, of course, diligently send out flower seeds once again sext year.

17.07.2017 - Optimal Quality

The Ü-Werk GmbH translates in accordance with the current ISO, EN and DIN standards for translation services and quality management. The Ü-Werk GmbH has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for many years. Additionally, it has been examined for the first time this year according to the international translations standards ISO 17100.
The ISO 17100 certification describes the process for the production of translations and defines a uniform international quality standard. The regulation describes not only the required qualification for translators and revisers, but also the responsible project managers. The standard serves customers as orientation and certified translation service providers as a basis for their own processes.
According to ISO 17100, the qualification of every employee, from the translators to the project managers, must thereby be systematically promoted and further developed.

30.06.2017 - The Leipzig company run

The Leipzig company run started on 21 June 2017 with around 17,000 participants and offered a perfect running event all round the Leipzig fun-fair. With sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere, a 5 km run was to be completed.
Among the participants were 10 employees who represented the Ü-Werk with commitment and stamina. Exhausted, they reached the finishing line and enjoyed a well-deserved “cool blonde” together on that beautiful midsummer evening.

23.04.2017 - Ü-WERK RUNS

Landshut, Sunday 23rd April 2017

“Landshut läuft” is a very successful charity event that is held every year in the Lower Bavarian metropolis. The proceeds always go to benefit local social projects. The participants run 5km, 10km and half-marathon distances.
Not just individual athletes but also many teams from companies in the region set off bearing the logo of their firm, and have lots of fun together.
This year Ü-Werk GmbH was again represented with a larger group of participants. Sporting employees travelled from Nuremburg among other places. The Ü-Werk team were eye-catching in the firm’s orange running shirts. The team was cheered on by colleagues who took on the photographic part of the run.
The next sporting event takes place in June in Leipzig. Here too, the runners are training hard.

24.03.2017 - World-downsyndrome-day-run Fürth 2017

Under the motto “Overwhelmed by you”, the 7th edition of the World Down Syndrome Day Marathon took place in Fürth on 19 March 2017. On the 1.9 km circuit with two nasty climbs, Tom Ischganeit did not want to miss the chance to represent the colours of the Ü-Werk in the half marathon. This event not only allows to collect donations but also to build bridges and to reduce the fear of interaction. Many of the participants are directly affected by Down syndrome. With a temperature of 8 degrees and a grey sky, the half-marathon runners set off at 11 a.m. and, after reaching a personal record of just under 1:43 h, Tom still had enough time to dedicate himself to the supporting programme on the TV Fürth grounds.
“Overall a fantastic event that has already been set in my personal running calendar for 2018. The only thing I am not yet sure about is the route for next year”, Tom Ischganeit said.

28.02.2017 - Fremdsprachenschule Landshut

We were delighted to accept the invitation from “Fremdsprachenschule Landshut” (Landshut Language School) to take part in their first “Careers Day” event on 21.02.2017. Steffi Kammerbauer (Project Management Team Leader at Ü-Werk) delivered a short presentation in which she introduced the company and the project manager profession. The attention of every single one of the roughly 50 attendees was grabbed, at the very latest when it was mentioned that approximately 60% of our project managers are graduates of the Fremdsprachenschule Landshut.
Any questions that the students still had were answered after the presentation in a short informal Q&A session.
We have already been invited to return to the event next year to foster our extremely good relationship with the language school.

30.01.2017 - Small hospital in Mbosho

Ü-Werk supports small hospital in Mbosho

A short visit to the north of Tanzania, to the small hospital of Mbosho, has confirmed that the donation has been well received and put to good use. The laboratory is now in operation. The district government that supervises the operation of the small hospital conducted an audit together with our managing director. The hospital appeared to be clean and tidy even to critical European eyes. The number of patients grows day by day.
The staff were happy to receive T-shirts with the message “I love Mbosho Dispensary”. This year, the Ü-Werk GmbH committed themselves to taking up the costs for the salary of a new lab assistant, who incidentally was very glad to be given the job. In Autumn of this year, it will be decided whether to continue the support of the small hospital.


The translation services, which up until now, have been offered by FORIS lingua, are being taken over by T-Works – Your translation service company, as of October 2016.
For more than 20 years, T-Works Ltd. has been successfully working for a growing number of clients and companies and are one of the leading translation providers for specialist legal translations.
As FORIS lingua’s successor, the T-WORKS team would very much like to succeed in carrying on the long-standing client relations in the FORIS lingua translation sector.
To do this, T-WORKS will also work with the existing team of FORIS lingua translators and thus also gain access to existing terminology. It goes without saying that confidentiality will still be guaranteed.
Legal documents, confidential certificates and certified translations will also be confidential in the future and are processed quickly. A special team with legal background knowledge produce succinctly formulated contracts, documents and certificates which are true to the original.
Furthermore, T-WORKS offers you yet other advantages:
• Highly qualified in-house native speakers with university education
• Our own quality control centre with permanent, in-house proof-readers
• You get “your” own team of translators and proof-readers for the highest quality and adherence to delivery deadlines. Your regular translator is looking forward to your projects.
• Certified and/or registered with DIN ISO 9001:2008 as well as DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05
The whole T-WORKS team is looking forward to future assignments.

26.08.2016 - Silicon Vilstal

Ü-Werk takes part in the summer festival for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

Silicon Vilstal is a private regional initiative. The festival took place from 12-08-2016 until 14-08-2016. Well-known experts such as architect Peter Haimerl or Vitra-trend scout Raffael Gielgen kicked of the opening evening with lower Bavarian stories of innovation. Saturday and Sunday saw interactive workshops and mobility concept tours, 3D printing, design thinking, architecture, social media, furniture design, e-commerce, a kid-makeathon and much more.
On Saturday Ms. Barbara Wohanka of Ü-Werk GmbH moderated a discussion on artificial intelligence using the example of machine translations. As a hook there was a YouTube video about a man in Japan who, with help from an automated translation tool, “pulled” young women.
The project shows what Vilstal already has to offer today and outlines everything that can still be achieved in “digital“ times by Vilstal. Silicon Vilstal is connected to other regional projects under the framework of the nationwide “Digital Region“ initiative.

06.06.2016 - Introduction of the DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05 standard for translation services

This month, the DIN EN 15038:2006-08 standard for translation services was replaced by the new DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05 standard and adopted by Ü-Werk GmbH. It is also now valid internationally via the European framework.
The main points of the older standard were retained, while individual translation steps of are now illustrated in detail. While the four-eyes principle and the qualification requirements have remained the same, the remit of project managers has now been defined more clearly.
With this further step, new minimum standards which play an important role in translation processes have been set within the translation industry. Compliance with these standards guarantees Ü-Werk GmbH the implementation of professional language production, terminology work and quality control.

19.05.2016 - All around secure

Moving to a computer centre went according to plan

On Friday 13.05.2016, all the servers were moved from the company‘s premises to a modern data centre in Munich. The reason for this move was increased security and better networking of the existing server farms and for future extensions. The process and the time frame of the move on that day and the following Whitsun celebrations had to be meticulously and carefully planned. Due to the extensive hardware and software, more complex activities were obviously required rather than the simple "back up, shutdown, unplugging, transporting, reconnecting, booting and then everything is ready".

All employees, customers and service providers were warned in time about the inevitable business interruption, which would last several hours. The employees of the IT department and management as well as the experts of the housing centre were in strong demand over the long weekend.

On Whit Monday the final testing was successfully carried out and all employees and experts involved breathed a big sigh of relief. Thank you very much for the good work!


Nursery at the northern offshoot of the barren Maasai savanna

Our company has been operating a nursery for nearly eight years in Ngulu, Tanzania, at the northern offshoot of the Maasai savanna. Nearly half of the Tanzanian population is under 15. The youngest and the little ones walk around in t-shirts full of holes, barefooted or in plastic shoes. Covered in volcano ash they play football with balls of plastic bags und self-made tin cars.
The cute little dwarves cover long distances to the nearest nursery. There is neither breakfast in the morning nor drinks for the journey nor packed lunches.
Primary education (seven-year primary school) is free. Nurseries and secondary schools are fee-based. The younger generations from the poorest parts of the Tanzanian population are therefore not rarely left out of attending nurseries or continuing onto secondary education.
Children are intensively prepared for school as early as from nursery. Writing, Numeracy, Kiswahili and English form part of the syllabuses.
Our company is currently carrying out an extensive renovation project of the interior rooms and of the outside area. Some paintwork, playground equipment appropriate for children, and shade for the outside area are planned.


Ü-Werk GmbH has a new, modern web presence, one which looks really good and professional. One of the reasons for this was that the number of people surfing the internet on mobile end-user devices is continuously increasing. No matter whether on a smart phone on the go or on a computer at the office, what remains true is that new usage habits are changing website requirements.

To make it more enjoyable to open a homepage on every media device, i.e. smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, we changed the fundamental design. This is done through dynamic graphic design, which is based on Media Queries that retrieve information on each device’s type and characteristics, and then display the website differently on a big screen and on a small smart phone display respectively.
Fast loading times, different image sizes - depending on the type of device - great pictures and adjustable layouts all contribute to pages that are being opened quickly and gladly. Navigation is being made easier and significantly clearer.

Our company is very pleased about this new web presence, and we expect numerous views.

03.07.2015 - Ü-Werk team in Leipzig night run

On Friday, 5 June 2015, this year’s 9-km night run took place as part of the Leipzig City Festival. The run, organised by Laufszene Events GmbH, started at 9pm and finished at 10:20pm.

The route consisted of three laps, starting and finishing at the University of Leipzig’s Paulinum building, going along the Moritzbastei, the Burgplatz square, by the city hall, the Thomaskirche church and the market, across the Brühl and past the Opera House back to the Paulinum.

A total of 1,313 people took part in the run, including 11 from the Ü-Werk running team. In very sunny and warm weather, our 11 company runners proudly wore the new Ü-Werk running shirt and were loudly cheered on by a few colleagues from the Leipzig branch.

Right after the run, all participants received their finisher medal and their personal certificate.

15.05.2015 - Sustainable business management at Ü-Werk GmbH

Sustainable business management is one of the most important issues in business today. The Best Business Award (BBA) is presented to companies from the European region Danube-Vltava that are operating successfully and sustainably on the market, and Ü-Werk GmbH is one of the award-winners.

Selected winners had the chance to outline their understanding of sustainable business management in the book Nachhaltige Unternehmensführung (‘Sustainable Business Management’). This was companies’ opportunity to present their specific recipes for success that ultimately won them the award.

The book also includes articles and essays by academics and other leading figures in the field. Contributors include the academic Ernst von Weizäcker, the Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser and Dr. Otto Wiesheu. In their articles, they explore both methodological and organisational aspects of sustainable business development.

Ü-Werk GmbH, a successful business, outlined in its article how to achieve staff satisfaction and to make satisfied staff ambassadors for the company. The company also explained the compelling reasons behind its BBA award.

17.03.2015 - CRM system successfully brought into operation at Ü-Werk GmbH

With approx. 30 internal employees, we provide services for over 5,000 customers. In order to guarantee an optimal support, it is important for the sales and project management teams to be able to call up data quickly and in real-time. The CRM database was also intended, above all, to generate a clear representation of workflows, customers, offers and orders.

Given that no appropriate standard software product is on the market, a tailored software solution emerged for our company. An older CRM solution was already in operation at the business.

The new software now serves the entire workflow (sales and customer acquisition, offers, orders, billing, salary and commission settlements). Also integrated is a VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone solution operating between the sites of the company. Via a CTI interface, all sales personnel are directly linked with our software and contact the customers from this application. The software also contains an automatic scheduling of follow-ups and regularly provides prompts to contact inactive customers. It was also important to introduce an automated process for the analysis of customer satisfaction. A connection and an integration with a special piece of software for operating a Braille solution for partially sighted employees could also be added to the package.

Our software solution was recently distinguished with the award of the IT Innovation Prize.

18.02.2015 - Network Activities

Cooperative relationships with universities on the example of tutorials

Networking secures know-how. In this sense, connections to external partners as well as contacts between employees of a company count as social capital. The Ü-Werk GmbH fosters network activities and cooperative relationships. Among the many networking activities are the active membership in professional organisations as well as the close collaboration with German, British and French universities. This makes it possible to bridge the gap between how the translating profession is perceived to be at universities and what the reality is indeed actually like.

At open days or as part of events in order to get to know the branch to which translation companies and free-lancers are invited, representatives of Ü-Werk GmbH are regularly at the universities. The representatives speak with the students about life in the real working world. Ü-Werk GmbH has already contributed to master programmes and workshops on translating technology within the scope of master programmes. As part of tutorials, the translation studies students receive small translations as part of their studies that are then reviewed and evaluated by Ü-Werk GmbH employees. The evaluation is carried out by the quality-control department, which puts together a qualified evaluation for both the students and the university. The demand for national and international mentors and tutors, in particular in the University of Lyon, has become so large in the meantime that Ü-Werk GmbH is barely able to meet it.

23.12.2014 - Panel discussion - Families under pressure

Ü-Werk represents entrepreneurs in discussion

For many families it is often financially necessary for the mother to be employed. But what happens to the work that women leave behind? Who looks after the children, the sick and the old, and provides everyday care? How active are fathers in the home? What are companies willing and able to change? Where do gaps exist? These were the questions to the panel and the audience.
The discussion took place as part of the series of events "A Change of Scene - Encounters and Controversies" at the polytechnic college Fachhochschule Landshut. Guests invited onto the panel included a representative of businesses: with Ü-Werk GmbH having just recently received the "Familienkompetenz" seal for family-friendly employment, Mrs Wohanka was very happy to take part in the discussion.

During the discussion, Prof. Dr. Maria S. Rerrich from the Munich University of Applied Sciences, a specialist in care crises in families and awkward solutions to tensions between "global markets and private households", presented the results of her research work. Mrs Hobmeier, of the Essenbach Welfare Centre, reported about caring for relatives, changes in family life during the past 20 years in rural areas and practical experience. Mrs Monika Maier, First Mayoress of Bodenkirchen, participated as a representative of the world of politics.
The successful evening was chaired by Prof. Dr. Barbara Thiessen, Fachhochschule Landshut, Faculty of Social Work.

03.11.2014 - Exciting Facebook Challenge

From 15 September to 15 October 2014 employees could post pictures with the T-Works brochure and collect as many "Likes" as possible

Employees were challenged to take pictures with their mobile phones, cameras, etc. of the original brochure against a background as unusual as possible and to send the picture to the Facebook team. Everything was allowed: Under water, on an airplane, in the zoo, in front of/in/behind the bar, on a bike, etc. All employees had one month time, from 15 September to 15 October 2014, to participate. Former employees were invited to participate as well.

The pictures were posted on Facebook with the names of their authors. The prize for the picture with the most "Likes" was a 100 Euro Amazon voucher.
To win participants were to ask acquaintances, friends, relatives and strangers to click as many "Likes" as possible.

The challenge proceeded smoothly and almost every day a new picture could be uploaded: a Sales employee as Darth Vader with the T-Works brochure, the brochure in the mouth of a bull, cute dogs lying on the brochure or the brochure folded into an Origami swan.

On 15 October, the last day, two pictures were locked in a fierce battle for the win. The winner was Elke Cole’s picture with the highest number of "Likes". Runner-up was a cute dog picture taken by Alina Helfrich, International Accounting, who received a consolation prize.

29.09.2014 - International Translator's Day on the 30th September

The international translator's day is on the 30th of September. This year, the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators will use this date as an opportunity to point to the classic mistake: the confusion of the professions interpreter and translator.

It's pretty easy as well. A translator translates written texts, whereas an interpreter translates the spoken word. The result of a translation is a written text. Time and length of the given works are determined by the translator and the result can be edited afterwards. A translator ideally has enough time to research the terms that are unfamiliar to them.

The work of an interpreter is carried out immediately in a distinct situational context and is generally thought to be heard immediately in this context. The work of the interpreter is heavily influenced by the speed of the speaker. You roughly distinguish between a consecutive interpreter (a delayed translation for each segment of a text every 10 minutes or so) and a simultaneous interpreter (nearly synchronized translation with the help of modern conference technology). The interpreter has hardly any chances to look up any terms throughout the highly demanding task and as a result requires specific subject and terminology knowledge for their job, which they have to learn before each interpretation job.

Mix-ups of the two conceptual categories, interpreter an translator, have developed in the course of time. You also encounter the following, (not completely accurate) descriptions: simultaneous translator, synchronised translator, synchronised interpreter, simultaneous translation, synchronised translation and synchronised interpretation.

To put it simply, however, you could summarise that an interpreter works verbally and a translator works in the written form. The Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators tries hard to enlighten the general public. The "International Translator's Day" was established by the International Federation of Translators, FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs) in 1991. The day refers back to the death of Saint Jerome, who translated the bible and is considered to be the patron saint of the translators. Ever since industry organisations take this date as an opportunity to impart the insights of the job.

24.07.2014 - IT donations

Functional servers delivered to CBZ Landshut and the Landshut vocational school

As it has done in the past, the Ü-Werk GmbH donated technical server equipment to educational institutions in Landshut at the beginning of July 2014.

The Ü-Werk employee Dominik Mauer delivered parts to the electrical engineering and information technology work group of the Landshut vocational school in the first week of July. The delivery consisted of the following: 4 to 128 GB memory storage units; Intel Xeon E7 und E5 Family / 2.4 – 3.0 GHz processors; 72 GB-3 TB hard disk storage units.

At the same time, Ü-Werk employee Patrick Heinz made a donation of server equipment to the CBZ Landshut [Computer Education Centre of Landshut]. The parts had the following specifications: 4 to 128 GB memory storage units; Intel Xeon E7 und E5 Family / 2.4 – 3.0 GHz processors; 72 GB-3 TB hard disk storage units.

The equipment is all in working order and is sure to be welcome training material for the young electrical engineers and programmers!

24.06.2014 - Successful quality audit in compliance with ISO 9001:2008

Following a one-day repeat audit carried out by the LGA, T-Works Ltd. has once again received certification in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

T-Works Ltd., with three locations, was certified for the first time by the LGA in July 2012. This international standard documents that all processes and procedures in the company are governed by ongoing monitoring and consequent continual improvement. In every sub-process of the company, the quality and customer focus determines mindset and action.

Regular internal reviews and annual external audits ensure an effective quality management and as a result, constantly high quality standards and ongoing procedure optimisation. "We are constantly working to optimise our processes and to offer all our customers, as well as our job applicants and employees, consistently high-quality services," says manager Florian Obermaier.

With this year's repeat audit, the LGA reaffirmed this. "The feedback from the auditor, who said she observed steady further development and adaptation to current demands, was especially positive for us," enthuses the representative for quality management. "It means we are validated in our work, as well as in overarching topics such as training and communication."

25.04.2014 - T-Works down under

The employees of T-Works Ltd. are currently on a mission to bring the company brochure to destinations near and far. The brochure has already appeared on a snow-covered ski and snowboard piste in the Alps and in an airplane window above the clouds.

The brochure even showed up in the foreground of a photo taken in a garage while an employee's vehicle was being repaired.

A colourful collection of pictures is developing on Facebook and Twitter. All employees can contribute.
The latest photo was taken in Australia, in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge! Thank you, dear employees!

20.02.2014 - Project "Win with parents' SKILLS"

Ü-Werk GmbH is one of 100 Bavarian companies which is taking part in the initiative "Win with parents' SKILLS" ("Mit ElternKOMPETENZ gewinnen") run by the State of Bavaria's Ministry for Work and Social Affairs, Family and Integration. The goal is for companies to ensure that, internally, they work in a way which is more favourable for women and families.

Future-oriented companies secure the skilled forces of tomorrow today. On the one hand, they must have a HR policy which considers the changing phases in employees' lives, from becoming parents to caring for relatives. On the other, they must support parents in a targeted way at all levels of the company.

Topics include positions where employees work from home, flexible hours within the day, week, month and working life, crèche and kindergarten child-minding concepts, caring for relatives and posting.
The first part of the coaching began today with an analysis of the situation and the identification of objectives.

22.01.2014 - Ü-Werk and T-Works are out and about

The employees of Ü-Werk GmbH/T-Works Ltd. are currently taking the company prospectus on the road. A colourful selection of shots is appearing on Facebook right now as we go in search of exciting and funny photos taken in different situations and unusual places. All employees can join in.
Whether you are…
• on sunny ski/snowboarding slopes
• on the plane, at the station, in your car or on the tram
• in the delivery room or at the doctor
• on a cruise or at the beach
• visiting church towers at your in-laws' place
• at your local supermarket
• hard at work in the garage
• everything is possible and no one is safe:-)

09.12.2013 - St. Nicholas came to the nursery

Ü-Werk GmbH donates €500.00 to the St. Theobald nursery

The company Ü-Werk GmbH, the translation provider from Landshut, donates €500.00 to the St. Theobald nursery this year. In addition to their numerous social commitments, both managing directors Barbara Wohanka and Florian Obermaier are supporting the local nursery.
Kathrin Hiermer, director of the St. Theobald nursery and Veronika Obermaier from Ü-Werk GmbH can be seen at the donation ceremony together with the children of St. Theobald nursery.

04.12.2013 - The Ü-Werk team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas! Feliz navidad!

Ho Ho Ho from Landshut! The entire Ü-Werk team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We hope that all of your wishes for 2014 come true and – if they are connected to a foreign language – we can also actively support you.
We are also reachable between the bank holidays.

19.11.2013 - Skilled workers from Spain

T-Works accompanies Bavarian Delegation visit to Spain

Sebastian Lehner, an employee from T-Works' sales team who speaks fluent Spanish, accompanied the Bavarian Delegation on a visit to Spain from 15th to 18th November.

The trip was organised by the district authority in Landshut and the mayors of the towns of Almuñécar and Fürstenfeldbruck. More than 20 representatives from large and small German companies, authorities and other organisations spent three days in Spain in order to recruit new skilled workers for Germany there.

T-Works Ltd. was at the centre of all of this. We exchanged business cards, got to know people and provided linguistic assistance.

The event attracted almost 1000 Spanish applicants who are urgently seeking a job. T-Works Ltd also plans to take part in similar events in the future.

04.10.2013 - To See With Ones Fingers

New Sales Employee of the Ü-Werk is blind

Internet research, address search, writing, reading and answering emails, taking notes, picking up the phone - all this is the day to day business for the sales assistants. One of them is called Alexander Westphal and has only recently started his new job.
Unlike his colleagues, he does not use a computer screen for work. Alexander reads the data with his fingers. He is in fact blind since birth.
In order for him to start work immediately, various departments of the company, external advisors and technicians as well as the new colleagues, started to think about ways to equip his work station.
The furnishing did not only have to be suitable for the visually impaired co-worker but for his guide dog, too.
"First we had to check what would be technically possible to do", remembers Marcus Haas, the head of the Sales Department. "We worked hand in hand with the job centre, two independent engineers, who specialized in workplaces for the blind, and with the IT department. Everyone pulled together. The colleagues, too, all agreed on fully supporting their new co-worker."
The work station was furnished according to all standards of the visually impaired needs. The Braille line on the computer translates the input data into Braille.
Alexander Westphal received technical help in how to operate his computer. He uses the normal keyboard to type, which is marked in a special tactile way for him.
He receives the information about the processes on the computer screen from a synthesized voice as well as over a tactile screen, the so called Braille line. The Braille line depicts the information of the screen with the help of controllable and tactile pens.
A certain pattern consisting out of 8 pens represents one symbol, being either a number or a letter (the Braille alphabet). Each Braille line can represent 80 of these Braille symbols. The Braille line is controlled by a screen reader named JAWS. The screen reader translates the hundreds of symbols as well as the graphic and visual information on the computer screen. Only a simplified amount of information will be passed onto the Braille line and the vocal output.

The commonly used software products, such as WOK and PhoneSuit, are meant to be operated with the help of a computer mouse and are by nature not accessible for usage by the blind. This is the reason why JAWS was re-programmed by the company "pie-soft". The screen reader searches the content of the screen for important data, which is to be used in the given work task. The blind co-worker will receive this data over the Braille line and vocal output. In addition, he may quickly and efficiently jump over to the desired screen information using dynamic lists.
Colleagues and managers are content with their successful integration, as it is clear that people with handicaps can provide just as much service for our society as people without them.

30.08.2013 - German companies find qualified employees in Spain

Ü-Werk overcomes the language barrier and makes contact with the Spanish job market

The idea is obvious- since on the one hand, many German companies are anxiously looking for qualified employees and, on the other hand, due to the recent financial crisis, the shaken Spanish job market cannot really provide anything, local companies are extending their feelers out to the south of Europe. However, the language barrier soon gets in the companies' way- who speaks Spanish? "We do," grins Barbara Wohanka, managing director of the translation service provider Ü-Werk with offices in Geisenhausen, Landshut and Leipzig.
As Ü-Werk GmbH has a network of subsidiary companies across Europe, "we know the people and the country in Spain." Since the German and Spanish governments recently signed an agreement which should make it easier for German companies to recruit qualified employees in Spain, Ü-Werk has filled this niche. Barbara Wohanka told the Wochenblatt newspaper: "We have good contacts with Spanish universities and we also know how the authorities work in Spain. We have a good feel for the Spanish way of life."
Ü-Werk therefore offers to help German companies when looking for qualified employees in Spain and to establish contacts for them. "As communication takes place in the language of the country, our country-specific skills are in demand," explains head of sales Marcus Haas. "This offer is particularly interesting for small and mediums-sized companies because costs and formalities as well as language barriers can be seen as obstacles." "This is how positions which may otherwise have remained vacant can be filled with qualified people," says Barbara Wohanka.
According to Marcus Haas, the first impressions are "very positive. Especially as the Spaniards have a very high level of education. However, we are still in the early stages. We are the mouth-piece and we are opening the door to the Spanish market."

19.08.2013 - Ü-WERK supports the ice hockey club EVL

Ü-WERK GmbH with its office in Landshut has got involved in regional sport. From this season, Ü-WERK GmbH is affiliated with the supporters' club of the local ice hockey team.

The EVL is firmly established in German ice hockey and is competing for the championship of league 2. We are crossing our fingers for the boys and hope for plenty of goals and a successful season!

07.08.2013 - New Assistant Team Leader

Steffi Kammerbauer becomes assistant team leader

Since 1st August 2013 Steffi Kammerbauer has been the new assistant team leader for our project management team in Landshut.
During her longstanding service, Ms Kammerbauer has stood out due to her dependability, organisational skills and friendly and competent dealings with customers and colleagues. From now on, together with Thorsten Moises (project management leader) she will be in charge of your assignments and projects, will organise work with translators, correctors and readers, and will be on hand to answer questions and provide information.
The Ü-WERK team warmly congratulate her and say "THANK YOU" for her great work.

10.07.2013 - Partner companies of Ü-Werk GmbH

Why companies cooperate with the Ü-Werk GmbH network

Cooperation with Ü-Werk GmbH on a partnership level ensures the prioritised access to an international company network with over 500 in-house and freelance translators. As a partner company, you will have your own contact person at Ü-Werk GmbH, who is responsible for an optimal translation process.
This partnership enables you to handle standardised and structured translation processes, including authenticated or strictly confidential documents, fast, efficiently and uniformly, for example, for subsidiary or group companies.
The translation companies of the company group are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and registered according to EN 15038. The same high level of translation processes are thereby ensured throughout all the subsidiaries in all regions.

Advantages of the partnership with Ü-Werk GmbH for companies

* Many of our clients need tailor-made software and translation solutions, which are attuned to their needs.
* Target-orientated complete solutions. Together we can contribute to streamlining the business process and to the integration of our solutions in diverse areas.
* Unified terminology, consistent optical design of documents and creation of partner-specific databases
* Prioritised access to an international network of highly qualified translators and proofreaders
* More than 500 specialist translators for various subjects
* attractive group prices, thus...
* significant savings potential as structured and optimised processes are implemented.
In the following, read about several examples of successful cooperation between companies and the Ü-Werk GmbH network

Examples of cooperation between companies and Ü-Werk GmbH

An association would like to ensure its members have access to specialised and good value translations. So it concludes a framework agreement with Ü-Werk GmbH. They deliver the translations to all members of the association.
A big company has branches in many German cities, where it must regularly have translations carried out. Instead of employing several translators for the respective languages in every single branch, the company cooperates with Ü-Werk GmbH.
A franchisor has independent company partners all over Germany, which in turn have translations from many areas and need an all-purpose core translator. The franchisor therefore concludes a framework agreement with Ü-Werk GmbH, from which both the franchisee and Ü-Werk GmbH equally benefit. Through Ü-Werk GmbH, uniform terminology is guaranteed.
If you are interested in such a cooperation, please contact Mr Marcus Haas,

17.06.2013 - Specialist workforce from Spain

Employees of Ü-Werk GmbH telephone for their clients

The debate on the skilled worker shortage in Germany is undoubtedly familiar to all. What companies aren't on the hunt for workers?
A few days ago the German and Spanish governments undersigned an agreement, whereby the process of recruiting employees should be made easier for German companies located in Spain. The unemployment there has driven many Spanish people to move to Germany in order to find work.
Exactly what Ü-Werk GmbH does there, is this: it provides Spanish job agencies, employment offices and authorities, with contacts, to enable them to find suitable employees for their clients.
Ü-Werk GmbH forwards the profiles of the sought-after employees to the right Spanish places, communicates with the institutions and establishes contacts – and all in the national language.
The majority of companies who have opted for foreign recruitment as a way of gaining skilled workers are so satisfied that they will also turn to this method again in the future.
Spain offers a particular potential – high unemployment on the one hand and, on the other hand, the good qualifications of the young workforce.

27.05.2013 - Ü-Werk-Teams strengthened in Landshut and in Leipzig

The Ü-Werk GmbH has strengthened the German project management teams in Landshut and in Leipzig. The huge demand for professional translation and interpretation services made this necessary.
These professionals deal with customer's questions, prepare quotes, make arrangements for the professional specialists from the translation and proofreading teams and are there on hand to provide help and advice for all the clients' requests and questions in relation to quality.
The Ü-Werk GmbH is part of a company group in the translation sector in several European countries: Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The locations guarantee for the clients that the translations are done according to the mother tongue and localisation principals and of course according to the quality standard, ISO 9001:2008.
In Landshut and in Leipzig the French team of specialists was at the same time also enlarged by the French sister company, T-Works.

15.04.2013 - Open Day

Employees and their families visit the new office space.

There was a good mood in the Landshut office when employees and their families met there – just at the right time for a second breakfast, or a first lunch.
Over Vienna sausages, weisswurst, soft pretzels and lots of different cakes, the employees and management showed their families some of the individual workplaces and explained one or two work processes.

12.04.2013 - Springtime Floral Greetings

This year Ü-Werk sends out flower seeds once again

Despite wintery weather and minus temperatures, the company sent out – like every year – colourful floral greetings to clients. During the next three weeks a packet of flower seeds is to be found in every envelope.

These are spring- and summer blooming annuals, which will thrive on windowsills and desks as well as in the garden.
Daisies, spring meadow flowers, sunflowers etc.

Ü-Werk, their employees and their business partners look forward to many blossoms and flowers.

19.02.2013 - “We understand only station”

Result of an automatic translation: „Wir verstehen nur Bahnhof“.

Online-Translators and machine-translation Software are good tools. One should, however, not relay on their results. The most common result: stylistically and lexically, largely incoherent text, false collocations etc - the full programme.

It must be admitted that machine translation - even for those who are convinced of the impossibility in principal of adequate machine translation - is in some areas astoundingly efficient.

The fundamental problem, of which one should be aware even in the case of good results, is this: To be able to judge the quality of the machine translation, and where the almost inevitable mistakes appear, a relatively high competence in the target language is required.

The machine translation of typical collocations and idioms is nice. An entry of “Vollgas geben", would naturally be translated word for word as “Full throttle” (and not, "to put the pedal to the metal“).

Connotations and collocations are a bog problem. A good example is the use of “lassen”. “Wir lassen das Büro reinigen.” becomes “We can clean our office.” The actual appropriate English variant ”We have the office cleaned.” becomes “Wir haben unser Büro gereinigt.”

We advise caution when it comes to machine translations!

19.02.2013 - By the way

Ü-Werk GmbH is called T Works Ltd. abroad. The change in name for offices abroad was necessary as the “Ü”, an umlaut, is not used in many languages. There is also no key for the letter “Ü” on foreign keyboards. Ü-Werk trades under the company name T Works Ltd. abroad so that it can be contacted and have a presence all over Europe.

05.02.2013 - Our teams are in Landshut

Not only the external helpers, but also the employees themselves got involved and helped out where possible. Writing desks were already sorted and arranged at the weekend. Telephones have been tested. The employees from the IT department were ready to help.

Monday, 4.2.2013 was a historic moment. There was a champagne toast to celebrate moving in and everyone was relieved that all had gone so smoothly.

Even if the work environment is so comfortable and the city so fascinating, full concentration is now given to the daily routine and the demands of our customers!

08.01.2013 - Ü-Werk GmbH moves to Landshut

There is a hustle and bustle of IT-experts, electricians, carpenters, painters and interior decorators in Zweibrückenstraße 696 in Landshut. The preparations are well under way for the relocation of Ü-Werk GmbH from Geisenhausen to the Lower Bavarian capital, Landshut.

All technical queries have been cleared. Cables are being laid, new flooring installed. Workstations and office spaces set out and set up. The whole Ü-Werk team is looking forward to getting to business in the new rooms at the beginning of February.

05.12.2012 - Not to be overlooked

The Ü-Werk bus has been on its way for several days

There was, at short notice, the possibility to gain some publicity through the use of a Landshut city bus as an advertising vehicle.

Ü-Werk GmbH used this opportunity immediately, when a bus was free. So for several days, a striking orange Ü-Werk translations city bus has been making its rounds in Landshut. Sightings of this vehicle, new to many, are regularly documented and sent by SMS.

01.12.2012 - Support for the little ones

Ü-Werk GmbH donates EUR 500.00 to children's nursery, St. Theobald

This year, the company Ü-Werk GmbH, the translation agency from Geisenhausen, donated €500.00 to children's nursery, St. Theobald. In addition to their commitment in Tanzania, the two managing directors, Barbara Wohanka and Florian Obermaier, support the local nursery in Geisenhausen.
The picture shows Kathrin Hiermer, head of St. Theobald's children's nursery, and Veronika Obermaier, from Ü-Werk GmbH, at the donation ceremony, along with the children from St. Theobald's nursery itself.

19.02.2013 - Learn from the best

Winner of the Best Business Award for the second year running

The three boarder regions between Passau, Ceske Budejovice and Linz generate with their total population of around three million, an economic contribution of around 80 billion euros. The initiator of the award, Rudolf Fellner from Passau, explains, "the company prize "Best Business Award" is to help further link economic activities and increase companies' networking beyond boarders and further strengthen the bridges of cooperation that have grown up over the centuries".

What is particular about the "Best Business Award" is that it is not just for big companies, but rather, medium to small businesses in Bavaria, Bohemia and Upper Austria also have a chance to win this "Economic Oscar" for innovative entrepreneurship.
Ü-Werk GmbH has already been victorious in terms of winning the Best Business Award, since 2011.

In the recent past, the corporate group itself has received many marks of distinction, most recently, the BEST OF seal of approval, as recognition for its IT solution.

This prize is awarded to medium-sized German businesses for innovative and practical products, services and solutions in the area of information technology and communication.

A further award won is the "ZWEILÄNDERPREIS", given to businesses and entrepreneurs in the economic region of Austria and South-East Bavaria. The Zweiländerpreis (two country prize) aims to discover the "hidden champions" in the regions of East Bavaria and Upper Austria, and to make them better known.

31.08.2012 - A network of locations all over Europe

Ü-Werk GmbH is represented as part of a corporate group, in seven European countries: France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. The locations don't just offer jobs for highly qualified, university trained translators and interpreters.

They also guaranty the costumers that the translations are not only carried out according to the mother tongue principle, but also according to the homeland principle. It is not just about translating a text, but rather about perfectly fitting the content to the various countries.

According to the homeland principle, the translation is carried out into a different culture, with different purchasing interests and advertising strategies. Often this can only be achieved when the translator is not only translating into their mother tongue but is also living in their own homeland. Through daily contact with the language, it is guaranteed that all new terms in that language are picked up and used in the translations (localisation).

The employees of Ü-Werk GmbH naturally like to use the opportunity to be able to work in other countries yet within the very same corporate group.

After a short training period in the Lower Bavarian central office, the employees may choose a location with the support of the Human Resources department. With a minimum one-year stay in a foreign location, the employees get to know the country and their co-workers.

For some adventurous employees of the corporate group, one foreign location is not enough. After all, translators like to practice and learn languages. And so some translators, with the support of the company, change their location and country yearly.

For the customers and the employees of Ü-Werk GmbH, there are no boarders in Europe!

30.11.-1 - Quality

Ü-Werk GmbH passed the ISO 9001:2008 audit on 29 June 2012.
For an entire day, the company was put through its paces by an auditor from LGA InterCert GmbH. After employees from all departments (project managers, translators, proofreaders, IT, accounting and management) had answered the auditing questions, the company was awarded the certificate without any reservations.
The production company's record, within the group, has been ISO-certified since March 1999, in other words for more than 13 years. It only remained for the sales company Ü-Werk GmbH to be ISO-certified to guarantee a complete quality management. This certificate is a real mark of quality, of which only very few translation agencies can boast.

At this point, we would like to thank all our employees for their commitment.

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