Company profile

A single source: a worldwide network

T-WORKS is a professional translation service provider with a global network of native translation teams and proofreaders. They work for us both internally and externally at our locations. So translations emerge in over 50 languages and in over 50 subject areas, from Arabic to Urdu, from architecture to zoology.

Our translators: fast and competent

T-WORKS successfully works for a steadily increasing number of small, medium and large companies and authorities in Germany and abroad. A competent, personal attention to issues of language awaits you. Urgent translations are completed quickly and professionally. Online or by email, incoming translations are translated in next to no time, even into several languages.

By the way

Ü-Werk GmbH is called T-Works Ltd. abroad. The change in name for offices abroad was necessary as the “Ü”, an umlaut, is not used in many languages. There is also no key for the letter “Ü” on foreign keyboards. Ü-Werk trades under the company name T-Works Ltd. abroad so that it can be contacted and have a presence all over Europe.

Tel. +49 (0) 87 1 / 975 13-0